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rg䣺15 = ͨxskimming(3) + }(10 һ) + review(2)}rҪ쾚\ɣ
һͬF (collocation)ͬFPĆ~һͬF
ZͬFMoney is no object (Xdž}) Money is no problem Ưö
hZӣ + o; + ˮƽ;W + 
ͬFA strong swimmer a good swimmer Ưö
hZӣʹ + ;ħ + ˾Ͳÿ
YͬFNot only but also;neither nor;owe to.
hZӣmȻ + ;c + 
ɶҏͬF (reiteration)ͬFPĆ~ڲͬĵطͳF
}Wise buying is a positive way in which you can make your money go further. The _67_ you go about purchasing an article or a service can actually...
Purchasing ǵһbuying ďͬF67}ĴҲڵһ䣺way.
If you are buying a hairdryer, you might _71_ that you are making the 72 buy if you choose one 73_ look you like and which is also the cheapest 74_ price. But… plus the cost of your time could well 77_ your hairdryer the most expensive one of all.
The best buy your hairdryer ďͬF77}x72}ǰmake.
The _67 you go about purchasing an article or a service can actually 68_ you money or can… in excellent condition, you’ll be saving money in the long 81_... Before you buy an expensive _84_, or a service, do check the price…
Or a service money ԭ~ͬF68}xsave84}xarticle Ľx~item.
ֱųoPx(rule out the irrelevant)
ڿ~RҪֱܷx~ļ΢e@oPx헿ֱų}67}x헵˼ǷΨform ˼Π϶ȥ䔵_xӣ68}еC77}D79}B80}D
1. ZԴ}rҪֱXȥһ}30߀]и㶨^
2. 20x헮~ƽ5~6~1~(~B~~~)ƽ8Խ~ՈJʂ
3. _x^yĆ~ʲô?յ±Ͳy}xеretain, mode, utility, facility @Щ~MǺӲ㲻ϤĆ~ͲϤxǂϤεǂ